Our Factory

Our staff are the cornerstone to manufacturing our high quality products. They have passion and commitment to our customers; ensuring products meet our customers requirements. Nearly 50 percent of our staff boast a commitment of more than 10 years to Harnex, bringing highly developed and refined skills and qualifications to electrical based manufacturing, including:

  • Auto Electrical
  • High Voltage Electrical
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Research & Design
  • Advanced AutoCAD skills
  • Electronics
  • Modern Business skills & experience
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Field Commissioning

Advanced Technology

Harnex has been in full speed to commission the latest cable multi-tasking machines to compete within the global market, and boasts the introduction of machines that enable automated production of cable from 0.25mm² up to 240mm², the only of its kind in Australia.

Harnex has the capabilities to use automated processes to cut, strip, terminate and print a number of cable assemblies. The latest technology enables Harnex to offer products to its customers that are cost effective and of high quality.